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Outfoxed: Media giant distorts truth


by Monica Pleuler, staff writer


In the tradition of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, the documentary Outfoxed, recently released on DVD, examines how Fox News, part of the Rupert Murdoch media empire, has been President George W. Bush’s biggest cheerleader. This film provides an in depth look at Fox News and the danger to American citizens when big corporations take control of the public’s right to know.


Produced and directed by filmmaker Robert Greenwald, this documentary interviewed former Fox producers, reporters, writers, and talent bookers who provide background on Fox and the Murdoch media empire. In the documentary, they talked about how they were forced to push a right-wing view or lose their jobs. As they were forced to keep quiet, Greenwald preserved their anonymity. Greenwald says he hopes the film can serve as a channel to break the silence about Fox News.

For this project, Greenwald also put together an array of people from all facets of the media. They monitored Fox News 24 hours a day for three months.

Outfoxed summarizes and details the evidence these media analysts found that shows Fox’s unfair and unbalanced agenda. As a result, the documentary is influencing millions of people’s views on the upcoming presidential election by revealing how Fox News, far from being objective, is a 24/7 commercial for the Republican Party.

The film illustrates the way that Fox’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, has dominated the media. He has bought up TV stations, cable channels, and newspapers worldwide. The huge expanse of Murdoch’s media empire is detailed; his various outlets reach something like three-quarters of the earth’s population!

By examining the way that Fox collects and reports news, this film shows that it is simply not fair and balanced. For instance, on his talk show, Bill O’Reilly repeatedly tells guests to shut up rather than allowing them to disagree with his right-wing agenda. Greenwald’s layering of quick clips and letting us hear O’Reilly tell guests over and over to “shut up, shut up, shut up,” is one of the most amusing tactics used in the film. But the reality is that by refusing to allow certain opinions to be expressed, and by tainting information to promote a conservative plan, Fox is depriving viewers of the truth.

In a show hosted by Britt Hume, more than 80 percent of the guests were Republicans while the other 20 percent were Democrats, and half of those were conservative.

Also, on the Hannity and Colmes show, Hannity is the strong Republican who is outspoken and is perceived to be smarter. Colmes is portrayed as the goofy, scrawny Democrat who lets Hannity step all over him and interrupt whenever he wants.

The fact that a news outlet can be so one sided, so blatantly anti-democratic, frightens many Americans. Simply stated, it reveals how easily “news” can become propaganda, without the viewers knowing they are being brainwashed. This sort of thing should be outlawed. A propaganda arm of a political party should not be able to present itself to the American people as fair and balanced reporting.

Outfoxed is a must-see for any Fox News aficionado who thinks he or she is getting a true understanding of what occurs behind the scenes. Whether Republican or Democrat, the American public deserves one thing from its news sources—balance and objectivity.Outfoxed: The media giant distorts truth.



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