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Spirit Club cheers on HPU

by Patrick Shimabukuro, staff writer


After HPU’s volleyball team scored the final point to defeat BYU Hawai‘i three games to zero on September 14, over 100 people stood up and cheered their hearts out in victory. That’s what the HPU Spirit Club is all about as they prepare for another year supporting various programs around campus.


This year, the club is composed of approximately 130 students from Hawai‘i high schools statewide. The group supports the school by cheering at different athletic events such as volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball games during the school year. The group also helps out at club carnivals, health fairs, career fairs, and other events sponsored by different University departments.

The HPU Spirit Club also performs community service. The group has volunteered at events such as The Great Aloha Run and the Special Olympics.

The club is split randomly into four different groups with a student coordinator to monitor members’ attendance, communicate information regarding activities, and coordinate administrative matters with Liz Hubbard (formally Tiglao), associate director of Student Life.

“ I expect them to be spirited physically and emotionally,” said Hubbard. Hubbard also stated that she expects well-rounded students that are spirited whether they are in class, gyms, fields, or other locations that they will be at. Hubbard also has expectations for her coordinators.

“ I expect the coordinators to have much organization and be creative,” said Hubbard. She also hopes that they gain experience in event planning. Hubbard said that they should have a lot of administrative skills because they supervise 25 or more members in their groups.

Senior Sharon Manibog is one of the student coordinators.“I plan SC social events, and the Student Life year-end banquet,” said Manibog. “I also coordinate a group of 25 members. I keep track of their attendance records.”

Manibog also stated that she likes the planning process for events that occur during the school year.

“ For example, I liked the planning that was involved for the SC orientation at YMCA’s Camp Erdman,” said Manibog.

The Spirit Club weekend orientation at Camp Erdman, August 27-29, allowed members to get acquainted.

“ I hope that we are more of a team and a family by the end of the year,” said Hubbard. She also hopes that the members have lots of positive experiences by the end of the year.

Last year, a total of approximately 40 events kept everyone busy. The Spirit Club members have to learn how to manage their time to accommodate the workload. But the rewards, which include a 50 percent tuition waiver, renewable for four years, are worth it.



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