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Broadway Bound fun

by Tiffany Garrett, staff writer


As Eugene (Gene De Francis) and Stan (Derek Calibre) anxiously wait for the opening of their radio play, their parents sit apart and their grandfather relaxes on the couch near the radio. The program begins, and all is quiet as the audience, too, listens to the radio comedy.

The scene captures the emotional climate of Broadway Bound, a comedy by Neil Simon, directed by Joyce Maltby, that opened Nov. 5 at the windward HPU Theatre.

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Broadway Bound is a story about Eugene, a young man growing up in Brighton Beach with his older brother Stan. They aspire to become successful comedic writers. As Eugene tries to handle the problems faced working with his brother, he also has to deal with his parents impending divorce and his grandfather’s attempts to keep them together.

The cast includes Jim Tharp (grandfather), Sharon Adair (Eugene’s mother), Virginia Jones (his aunt), and John Hunt (his father). The ensemble cast brought Simon’s family to life in this essentially autobiographical comedy.

While it explores family issues that everyone can relate to, and includes jokes the people of most ages can relate to, because of its focus on divorce, this is not a play for young children.

The set, design by George Spelvin, perfectly reflects the time period and locale of the play and makes effective use of a very small stage.

Broadway Bound is the third and final play of Simon’s autobiographical trilogy and the second Simon play directed by Maltby for HPU Theatre. The first one was Brighton Beach Memoirs, which was presented in the fall of 1994.

Broadway Bound runs through Dec. 5. For reservations call 375-1282.


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