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Press Club explores broadcast

by Monica Pleuler, staff writer

In addition to a spate of guest speakers, the Press Club at HPU started its year by giving a helping hand to KHPR—Hawai‘i Public Radio. Volunteers signed on for the club’s fifth semi-annual gathering of volunteers at Public Radio’s fundraiser, Oct. 23.

Hawai‘i Public Radio holds a 10-day campaign pledge drive twice a year. The station’s fall campaign’s goal was $497,000. Students hoped eagerly that they could help make a difference in this year’s pledge drive, and perhaps they did, since it ended a day early.

The average person who pledged became a member of KHPR, supporting the station by contributing at least $50 a year. As a token of its appreciation, KHPR gave these members gifts that range from a logo umbrella, or t-shirt, to CDs and tickets to concerts. New and returning members who pledge at higher levels receive premiums, such as trips to Mau‘i for two, special dinners, or a trip to Tahiti. KHPR, of course, accepts gifts at any level, so listeners are encouraged to pledge any amount they please.

Student volunteers got a first-hand look at what goes on at a different kind of medium and at an unusual way of funding it.

Hawai‘i Public Radio manages four stations throughout the islands: KHPR 88.1 and KIPO 89.3, in Honolulu, KKUA 90.7, in Wailuku, and 91.1, in Hilo.

Saida Oliver, a junior and journalism major, enjoyed volunteering her services to KHPR. “I got to meet and talk to people I would of never met on a normal daily basis.” Oliver said that she also liked volunteering because she wanted to help a local nonprofit organization that is important to the local community.

After the pledge drive, students went to Dave & Busters with their advisor, Dr. Larry LeDoux. They ate, played games, ate more, watched the world series on a giant TV screen, ate more, and talked about KHPR, Kalamalama, journalism, boys, girls, food, school, and life.

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