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HPU ROTC in Ranger Challenge

by Lindsey Rowland, staff writer


Two ROTC teams, one from the University of Guam and one from the University of Alaska, traveled 2,000 miles to compete with each other and Hawai‘i ROTC’s Warrior Battalion in the annual Ranger Challenge competition, Oct. 22, at Bellows Air Force Base.


This is the first time in three years that Hawai‘i has hosted the Ranger Challenge competition. Two years ago Team Hawai‘i traveled to Alaska, and last year to Guam.

“ When we were in Alaska two years ago we lost to their team by five points, I came in really wanting to win this year,” Hawai‘i teammate Chris Ikeda said. Team Hawai‘i is comprised of Army ROTC students from the University of Hawai‘i Manoa, HPU, and Chaminade University.

Ranger Challenge is a seven-event competition. The events include a one-rope bridge, a physical fitness test, a breakdown and reassembly M16, land navigation, hand grenade delivery, and a six-mile (10K) 30-pound rucksack run.

The teams started the competition with a written land navigation test and continued the next day with the Army Physical Fitness Test, which involved doing as many push ups and sit ups as possible in two minutes and a timed two-mile run.

Hawai‘i was in third place going into the Land Navigation course which was followed by a round robin of the remaining events, ending with the 10-mile ruck run.

The finishing scores put Alaska first and Hawai‘i third, “We had a lot of strength as a team,” Chris Ikeda said. “We were together till the end on the ruck run.”

No teams made it in by the designated 90 minutes for the ruck run, but they all received 100 points for completing the event as a team.



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