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Saeda Oliver, editor


Lights, camera, action: Films from around the world

The Louis Vuitton Hawai‘i International Film Festival 2004 held its annual series of movie screenings and seminars from October 29-31, simultaneously, on O‘ahu and the neighbor islands, and it was a complete success, officials said. “The theatres were packed and we enjoyed a record number of sellouts,” said Chuck Boller, executive director of LVHIFF. “The festival is really on a roll going into our 25th year.”


Silmido: Soldiers fight for honor

“Loyalty!” scream the members of Special Unit 684 each time they are called to attention.The group of 31 men make up the South Korean Silmido Special Unit whose mission is to infiltrate the North Korean presidential palace in Pyongyang and slit the throat of President Kim Il-sung.


Graffiti explores nature of urban art, artists

In a subtle analysis of isolation and the need for companionship, the Graffiti Artist explores the relationship between two teenage graffiti artists united by their desire for self-expression. The American film debuted at HIFF, the Honolulu International Film Festival.


Knot explroes emotional side of gay marriage

Sam never imagined he’d be defending the property he and his spouse acquired while spending the better part of their lives together. Sam, a worn out and tired rancher in Plumbuck, Oklahoma, is fighting a bitter legal battle with his Earl’s family. Earl is Sam’s husband.


National Treasure thrilling but no Da Vinci Code

Movie goers are in for a thrill ride filled with action and adventure as Nicolas Cage searches our great nation and the rest of the world for a hidden fortune.


'Walk Down Argentina Way'

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss the last week of Roger Whitlock’s vivid, colorful record of his trip to South America. Whitlock spent three weeks there in March, and in Down Argentina Way, Argentina and Uruguay come to life on the walls of HPU’s Art Gallery.


Broadway Bound fun

As Eugene (Gene De Francis) and Stan (Derek Calibre) anxiously wait for the opening of their radio play, their parents sit apart and their grandfather relaxes on the couch near the radio. The program begins, and all is quiet as the audience, too, listens to the radio comedy.



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