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Planet Hollywood or Fredericks of Hollywood?

by Sarah McClure, staff writer


HPU took over Planet Hollywood Oct. 30 for the school’s third annual Monsters’ Ball Halloween costume party. Fans of Victoria’s Secret fashions, or the more risqué Fredericks of Hollywood, would have been thrilled.

The line at the entranceway wrapped around the corner and down the hall. Costume creativity was amazing. Many of the outfits were homemade. Some had been thrown together, others had clearly been strategically planned. All looked sensational.


Packed on to the dance floor, were Victoria’s Secret angels, 1970s working girls, cops and crooks, mythological creatures from Adam and Eve to the Devil herself, all mingling and dancing under exotic decorations that, by the end of the night, were strung more across the floor than the ceiling.

The Ball kicked off at 10 p.m. with a costume contest that featured students portraying the famous and infamous from GI Joe, to a provocative construction worker, a naughty nurse, and the infamous “scream” character from Scary Movie. Mugatu from Zoolander won the competition, taking home an X-Box as his prize.

Food and beverages were available, and tables were set up in the back for those party animals that needed to take a breather.

The still enthusiastic crowd departed at 2 a.m., headed home or out for a late night on the town.
One freshman student captured the sentiment of a crowd of night people who didn’t want to leave, when he said “It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait till next Halloween!”

As students boarded busses to head back to the dorms or the downtown campus, Waikiki streets filled with decorated costumes and vivacious personalities. Thje sidewalks were filled with dancers, and the air with conversation and laughter that went on into the wee morning hours.

“ It was a great night,” said graduate communication student Baxter Cepeda, “and it will be a great college memory whether it was your first Monsters Ball or your last.”




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