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Hungry? Broke? HPU can help

by Berna Bass, staff writer


For four years, the HPU Food Bank has held an ongoing drive for food to assist those in the HPU community who need temporarily help.

The HPU Food Bank was created by HPU Chaplain, Rev. Dale Burke, who noticed that many students were going hungry because they couldn’t afford food. “They couldn’t get by because they had not gotten their paycheck yet,” Burke said. He said many students sought him after chapel services and asked him where they could go for help. Even faculty and staff were referring students to him because he was the university Chaplain. Most requests were for food, Burke said.


Burke started gathering canned goods from people in the HPU community to temporarily assist the students who needed help, and other organizations connected with HPU joined in. Word spread that they were collecting food and helping needy students, and the HPU Food Bank was born.

Groups such as Circle K International, Fantasy Gamers, ASHPU, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and others still help out by collecting food and money for food.

Anyone in the HPU community who is temporarily in need of food can ask Rev. Burke for temporary food assistance. The process is anonymous and confidential, so no one needs to be embarrassed about seeking help, Burke said.

Located in Rev. Burke’s office in UB 1506, the HPU Food Bank cabinets are always stocked. But with the holidays around the corner, they need to be replenished. Various food drives will be held, but donations are welcome all the time. Call Rev. Burke at 544-9394 for more information.
Burke said he is “thankful for the support of the HPU community for making important contributions to student life,” he said. He added, “at Thanksgiving, no one at HPU should go hungry.”



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