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Christine Ah Yee and Patrick Shimabukuro, editor


Student on a Budget: Cheap Chinese food

Interested in eating delicious Chinese food at really great prices? Then head down to Jun Bo Restaurant, located at 126 Queen, Suite 110—it’s really an alley between Merchant and Queen streets, is an oasis of delicious Chinese food. Jun Bo Chinese Restaurant offers the downtown community excellent food, fast service, and unbelievable prices. Open seating of two to eight guests is welcomed but the staff recommends a call to reserve seating for 10 or more, especially during the busy lunch hour.


Press Club explores broadcast

In addition to a spate of guest speakers, the Press Club at HPU started its year by giving a helping hand to KHPR—Hawai‘i Public Radio. Volunteers signed on for the club’s fifth semi-annual gathering of volunteers at Public Radio’s fundraiser, Oct. 23.


What can IABC @ HPU do for you?

IABC, the International Association of Business Communicators, has chapters throughout the United States and the world, including Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. HPU boasts the only IABC student chapter in Honolulu, begun in 1989.


Circle K serves HPU, local communities

Kelly White, a senior communications major came to HPU last year from Mt. Sac Community College in California, where she was vice president of a club called Circle K, comprised of students devoted to making a difference by helping others in their community.


HPU ROTC in Ranger Challenge

Two ROTC teams, one from the University of Guam and one from the University of Alaska, traveled 2,000 miles to compete with each other and Hawai‘i ROTC’s Warrior Battalion in the annual Ranger Challenge competition, Oct. 22, at Bellows Air Force Base.


Symposium excercise in global citizenship

Editor’s note: Dr. Soong is chair of the University Scholars Honors program and was keynote speaker at HPU’s third student symposium on Global Citizenship, Oct. 30 at the windward campus. Following are excerpts from her speech. Edited, of course.



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