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Bernadette Bass, editor

Outdoor Living section by Ina Hinklemann and Hiro Ishimaru



AWOL: To inhale or not to inhale?

There’s a new a way to consume alcohol, and you don’t even need a glass. Instead of drinking whiskey or vodka, you inhale it. This innovative product, AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid) has recently been marketed as a low-calorie, low-carb, hangover-free alternative to conventional drinking. The inventors of AWOL, Spirit Partners, claim that when used responsibly, AWOL presents no greater risks than traditional consumption of alcohol. Still, users should know the facts before checking it out.


LuLu's Surf Club echoes old Waikiki

Miniature wooden hula girls in a variety of dance positions decorate the ceiling. Red and yellow surf- boards advertising beer companies decorate the walls, bright neon signs light up the bar, and old Hawaiian-style chairs and tables are a welcome resting place after a long day at the beach. Seats line a drink counter that extends to the width of the restaurant, facing out to Waikiki Beach. Inside are tables for diners, and across the back wall, a bar.


Bodyboarding - a fun sport for beginning surfers

It is a breezy, sunny day, and the surf is good. You are out in the ocean lying on your bodyboard. A wave is approaching, and you get ready to catch it. You paddle hard towards the shore; the wave is strong. It gets under you and lifts you up. It carries you away fast – faster than you can paddle, and with great speed you ride it in. As you get closer to the shore, the wave gets slower and millions of little bubbles rise to the surface. A salty mist hangs in the air, and adrenalin rushes through your body.


Students identify favorite beaches

It’s Saturday morning and you just woke up. It’s the perfect beach day, not even a single cloud in the bright blue sky. Your friends come over, and before you know it, you are all arguing about what beach to go to because you all have your own favorite.





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