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CSC services extend through time, space

by Heather Gilbert, staff writer


Abercrombie and Fitch stores recently visited HPU searching for potential employees. So did the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These events, and others like them, were arranged by the HPU’s Career Services Center (CSC).



Recently Lianne Maeda, director of the CSC, visited Dr. James Whitfield’s communication internship class, where she presented the benefits of Career Services’ online and walk-in assistance.

Annually the CSC helps nearly 4,000 to 6,000 students find a job, said Maeda. This is done in a variety of ways, from personal counseling visits to weekly employee recruiting events--the FBI event, for example-- to the big guns, a variety of semiannual career fairs, some for general employment and others for employers and students with a special career focus such as health (nursing, social work, justice administration, and so on). According to Maeda, there’s no limit to the kind or number of companies students can access through the CSC, and many companies come directly to HPU looking for employees.

Maeda stressed how important it is for students to start seeking a job before they graduate, and she challenged the students in the class to visit the CSC Web site and experience the services the center offers. The CSC and its career counselors can help students from the first steps, finding what they are looking for in a job, to developing a list of career opportunities around the world upon and even after graduation. Whether a student is local, national, or international, and whether he or she is looking for a part-time job to get through school, or a local, national, or international career position, or change, the CSC can help. Even years after graduation, the Career Services Center can assist alumni from anywhere in the world in finding a job anywhere in the world.

The CSC holds workshops regularly, Maeda said, to assist students and graduates in preparing resumes, cover letters, interviews, and specialized job-seeking techniques. And she reminded the students that for the fall semester there are two more events scheduled: the West Coast Consortium of Law Schools will be at HPU December 2, and on December 9, the FBI will be back with another information session for students interested in a variety of law enforcement careers.

The CSC’s goal is to inform job seekers “how it is out there,” said Maeda. To the best of their ability, CSC counselors will analyze a student’s situation and help the student find a job or a career position that will suit the student’s personal profile.

Maeda’s best advice for success at the Career Center: be serious about finding a job and be honest with the counselors, so they can do their jobs.

Anyone seeking a job or soon to be seeking a job should check out the Web site on HPU Pipeline, or make an appointment at the Career Services Center, Maeda said. And she added: Don’t forget that there is no time limitation on using the center. It will always be available to serve HPU students, graduates, and alumni.


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