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Six weeks of surfing: Van's Triple Crown

by Amber Vega, staff writer

The legendary Van’s Triple Crown of surfing competition officially kicked off on the North Shore of O‘ahu Nov. 12 and will run through Dec. 20. This super bowl of surfing gives Hawai‘i residents and tourists a chance to witness the world’s top surfers competing in the phenomenal winter swell of the North Shore’s most famous beaches.



For big name photographers, sponsors, fans, and champion surfers, including six-time world champ Kelly Slater and current world champ Andy Irons, the North Shore will be the Mecca of surfing for the next several weeks. Parties to celebrate the contest are being planned at popular locations such as Breakers in Haleiwa and Wave Waikiki and Ocean Nightclub in Honolulu’s Restaurant Row. Watch your local newspapers for the dates for these events.

The Van’s Hawaiian Pro and Roxy Pro, with a grand prize of $125,000, are the first official contests and will be held at Haleiwa from Nov. 12 to Nov.24, depending on wave size and conditions. Three full days of competition are required to complete the Van’s Hawaiian Pro, and one full day of competition is needed for the Roxy Pro, which is for professional women surfers only and will be run concurrently with the men’s contest.

The second contest, the O’Neil Cup of Surfing, will be held at Sunset Beach from Nov. 26 through Dec. 7. Four full days of competition are required to complete the contest, which also sports a grand prize of $125,000.

The third and final contest, the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters, will be held at Banzai Pipeline in Eukahi Park from Dec. 8 through Dec. 20. Again four full days of competition are required to complete the contest, which tempts surfers with a grand prize of $260,000.

The Billabong Pro, also held under the auspices of the Van’s Triple Crown, will be held in Honolua Bay on the island of Maui Dec. 8 through Dec. 19.

Each contest will be held on the days when the surf is the biggest and the conditions are best, as determined by the contest director. Daily start times are 8 a.m. First-place winners can tally up to 1,000 points, second place can receive 860 points, and third can get 730 points. Along with the individual winner’s title for each contest, the surfer with the most points overall is awarded a fourth title, the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing Champion. So watch your nightly news for surf reports and turn your radio on every morning, and don’t miss a day of spectacular surfing competion. And for result, and photos, watch these pages.


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