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AWOL: To inhale, or not to inhale?

by Monica Pleuler, staff writer

There’s a new a way to consume alcohol, and you don’t even need a glass. Instead of drinking whiskey or vodka, you inhale it. This innovative product, AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid) has recently been marketed as a low-calorie, low-carb, hangover-free alternative to conventional drinking. The inventors of AWOL, Spirit Partners, claim that when used responsibly, AWOL presents no greater risks than traditional consumption of alcohol. Still, users should know the facts before checking it out.


According to, AWOL was formulated by a 30-year-old Englishman, Dominic Simler. He made a machine that could vaporize alcohol. He designed it so that the user could choose the “spirit” he or she would like to use. The liquid is loaded into a diffuser capsule, which holds about a “shot”, or 1.5 ounces,and is then loaded into a vaporizer. With everything in place, oxygen bubbles pass through, absorbing the alcohol, and creating a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled into a tube through the mouth. Consumers are advised to restrict usage to two times a day.

AWOL says this is healthier than drinking, since the alcohol is inhaled through the lungs and not digested through the stomach, the process can be easier on the liver. According to Kevin Morse, president of Spirit Partners, “AWOL is simply a fun, new, exciting way for adults to enjoy alcohol in a responsible manner.” As a result, there isn’t any lingering alcohol in the body which prevents dehydration. The body is infused with extra oxygen which studies have shown, prevents hangovers.
AWOL debuted early this year in London, in Asia, and recently New York. Spirit Partners hopes that AWOL will find success in the United States. They have started selling to clubs, bars, and online to individuals.

The marketing strategies that are being used to promote AWOL have little truth behind them. For example, Spirit Partners claims it is low calorie and low carb. However, whether alcohol is ingested or inhaled, it still contains calories and carbohydrates in the form of ethanol, and these will still put weight on the consumer, unless they are burned up by exercise.

The promise of no hangover, isn’t completely true either. When you inhale something, it will go into your bloodstream. All blood goes to the liver eventually. In this case, the liver is helping you, not trying to hurt you. The liver removes all toxins in your body, and this includes ethanol, which ultimately causes hangovers.

In the end is AWOL worth it? No hangovers? Wait, that’s a lie. No calories and carbs. That’s a lie too. AWOL is not a safe alternative to drinking the old-fashioned way. There’s a higher risk of alcohol poisoning due to a lack of quantity control. The full extent of long-term side effects from inhaling alcohol is still to be determined since the technology is relatively new.

Drinkers who don’t want to have a hangover, should take a Chaser pill, or try to limit alcohol intake.


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