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Dems develop ways to survive Bush years

by Kalamalama staff


Many on the losing side of the last presidential election are desolate, and some have even gone to such extreme lengths, because of their depression, as moving to Canada or New Zealand. However, a Savannah, Georgia couple has found a creative way to express their frustration. Stephen and Leilani Lowry created The Official George W. Bush “Countdown to Retirement” 4-Year Calendar, a useful calendar and a humorous count down of the days until the end of George Bush’s second term.

“I was pretty upset over the election,” said Stephen Lowry, a Savannah lawyer who is active in the Democratic Party. “I thought it would be fun if I had a calendar to cross off the days until Bush is gone.”

The calendar contains pictures of George Bush along with many of his quotes, Lowry explained. “I thought the person who best explains why Bush should not be president is Bush himself,” said Lowry, who added that he plans to include a red Official Mark-Out Bush Pen with each calendar so that people can mark off the days until inauguration day 2009.

“From January 1, 2005 there are 1,480 days until our next president is sworn into office. Each calendar day displays the date, plus the number of days left,” said Lowry.

Holidays also provide an opportunity for Bush opponents to poke fun at their nemesis. For Dec. 15, 2005 (Bill of Rights Day), for example, the calendar quips “Bush cannot remember what he did with the Bill of Lefts.”

The calendar also provides a look at what the next four years could be like. Lowry explained. “A lot of us are worried about Bush’s plans for the environment, health care, Social Security, and the war. The calendar provides a humorous view of what Bush might do in his upcoming term,” said Lowry, based on what he has done already in his first term.

For example, the October 2005 calendar page reads: “Bush proposes a new plan to solve the prescription drug problem. Instead of allowing Canada to ship prescription drugs to seniors, he decrees that seniors shall be shipped to Canada. This also helps solve the Social Security problem.”

“ Stephen is more politically active than I am,” said Leilani Lowry, who runs a fitness business out of their home. “We think this is great therapy for those disheartened over the election, and who are already looking forward to our next election. It also makes a great gag gift for those who supported the president.”

Buy the calendar at for $19.95.


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