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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


I want to begin by extending a warm welcome to the new students who are joining us for the spring semester and by welcoming back our continuing students. While many of you have been on vacation, faculty and staff have been preparing for this new semester. We have a variety of activities planned to introduce our new students to the exciting multicultural life of our campuses.

All of us in the HPU ‘ohana are proud of our multicultural student body, with students from more than 100 different countries. This diversity is the result of conscious planning and the continued support of all parts of the University. Staff in our admissions offices recruit students who will thrive in this environment, advisors provide support and guidance, clubs and cultural organizations lend additional support, and faculty develop and challenge them in classes.

One key component of our support for international students is the Center for English Language Programs (CELP). While many international students come with the English-language skills necessary to enter directly into a degree program, others, who may lack those English skills, can acquire them through classes in the English Foundations Program (EFP). I know that our international students understand the challenge EFP students face, but I would ask our American students to imagine how they would feel if they were about to begin a degree program at a university where all the classes were taught in Spanish, Swedish, or Japanese.

CELP contributes to HPU’s international community in other ways too. Faculty members regularly teach at Japan’s Hakuoh University where they work with an HPU alumnus on the faculty and guide Hakuoh students into CELP’s noncredit Proficiency in English Program.

CELP’s Group English Program (GEP) provides another bridge between HPU and people of other countries. GEP provides short-term English programs for groups who come for only a brief stay. GEP not only introduces these students to American culture, but it also gives them a first-hand experience of the vibrant life of our campuses. Following their GEP experience, several students have returned to pursue an HPU degree.

I am proud of the commitment of our HPU community towards developing global citizenship.


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