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Green tops season

by Jimmi Hemmenbach, staff writer


HPU’s soccer teams have every reason to be satisfied with their season. Despite loosing the championship semifinal to Lanikai Tuesday, the Green team ended the season with the best overall record, 10 wins, two ties, and two losses (10-2-2) for which it won the MISO-league’s Jack Sullivan Trophy. The White team obtained a third place, finishing only one point behind the Green team with an overall record of 9-4-1. The White team lost the championship final against Lanikai Tuesday.


Coach Scott Liedtke was satisfied with the Green team’s performance, especially as the group consisted of new players. “The camaraderie and cohesiveness of the group have been a winning concept,” he added.

Liedtke also pointed out that improvements could be made on the offensive half of the field. “I don’t think we need other players; we just have to try to be more creative,” Liedtke said.

The HPU White team had a rough season start. Scoring only five points in the first four games caused concern. However, after a change in organization, the White team started to roll. In the playoff semifinals, the White and Green team played, respectively, Latin Hawai‘i and Lanikai Tuesday. The Green team had played Lanikai Tuesday twice during the regular season, tying one and losing one. So everyone knew that winning was not going to be easy.

After an early opening goal by Lanikai Tuesday, the Green team tried to create opportunities to score a goal, but was disappointed. Late in the game, on a counterattack, Lanikai Tuesday managed to score its second goal. That became the final result of the game, leaving the Green team outside the championship final.

The White team beat Latin Hawai‘i 7-0 during the regular season. However, this game was going to be completely different. Latin Hawai‘i shocked the White team by scoring the opening goal halfway through the first half. The response was quick though. Five minutes later, with a precise shot, Thomas Mellin tied the game.

In the second half, both teams were looking for the advantage. It came with 20 minutes left to play. Cristian Clemente dribbled past his defender, who brought him down inside the penalty area. The referee didn’t hesitate but pointed immediately to the penalty spot. HPU White captain, Jimmi Hemmenbach, executed the penalty kick accurately, giving the White team the 2-1 advantage and the final score. HPU White qualified for the championship final against Lanikai Tuesday.

The final game was almost a copy of the one between Lanikai and the Green team. Lanikai Tuesday scored the opening goal on a freekick. After that, Lanikai backed home with its team and didn’t leave any space for the HPU White. The White team never succeeded in breaking through Lanikai’s tall strong defense. In the second half, the White team tried to create opportunities to score, but as usual when a team does that, it’s open to counterattacks. Lanikai Tuesday managed to score three more goals during the last 20 minutes of the game, setting the final score at 4-0. The result was extremely disappointing for the HPU White team.

Anthony Giralmo and Iovo Stefanov from HPU Green, and Cristian Clemente, Paul Zydek, Adolfo Gentil, Jimmi Hemmenbach, and Michael King were all chosen for the two MISO All-Star teams.
Jimmi Hemmenbach was the MISO-leagues leading scorer (19 goals) and was also chosen MVP together with Lanikai Tuesday’s goalkeeper, Josh Fouts.



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