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Night security tight on HPU's downtown campus

by Nanea Kalani, staff writer


HPU offers various evening courses at the downtown campus as an advantage for students who have busy daytime schedules. Most of these start at 5:15 and end after 8 p.m. Any metropolitan area after dark is likely to be a little scary, and downtown Honolulu is no exception. But HPU has arranged security for the downtown campus to ensure the safety of students and faculty attending night classes.

Lorraine Feliciano, a junior accounting major who has taken several night classes, said that at first she was scared of being on campus at night but “having the presence of the guards and a lot of classmates who park in the same area makes it [feel] safer. But I won’t go venturing off by myself.”

Rick Murray


On a nightly basis during the regular spring and fall semesters, five security guards are on duty at the downtown campus, according to Rick Murray, HPU’s security coordinator. A security guard controlling unauthorized entry is posted in front of 1188 Fort Street, the Model Progress Building, and 1166, the FS Building. A second guard is posted in front of the Fort Street Mall entrance of the Frear Center (1132 Bishop St.) A third guard performs the same duty in the lobby of the library at 1060 Bishop St. A guard is also posted at the Kukui Plaza at 55 S. Kukui St. near the HPU shuttle stop to maintain security in that area.

In addition, there is a “roving” security guard, who, according to Murray, patrols the entire downtown campus, including all of the interior floors of the Finance Factors Center at 1164 Bishop St. (UB Building), the MP Building, the FS building, and the library.

All five security guards are in radio contact with one another and are ready to assist each other as needed. According to security guard, Jim Yelton, guards on duty do not carry weapons and do not have the ability to apprehend individuals. In the event of an emergency, they call the police.

“ We’re not police officers. We just make sure all the doors are locked and make sure that no one is bothering the students,” said Yelton.

For the benefit of HPU students and faculty, three of the security guards are available to escort individuals to their vehicles: the Kukui Plaza guard, the “rover,” and the Frear Center guard, in that order.

It would be helpful to Security if escorts are requested in groups rather than individually, as suggested by Murray.

HPU students and faculty can request security escorts either by calling Security at 753-7304 or by using the emergency boxes located on the bottom floors of the MP Building and the FS Building. By pushing a button and speaking into an emergency box, individuals are in direct contact with all guards on duty simultaneously. The emergency boxes can also be used to report any concern or emergency situation on campus.

The security guards work overlapping shifts. During the spring and fall semesters, three of the five guards are on duty until 10 p.m. Security has abbreviated hours during the summer and winter sessions. Because the library closes at an earlier time during summer and winter semesters, the guard posted there is off duty at 6 p.m. Also, HPU’s shuttle finishes running at 5:30 p.m., so the Kukui Plaza guard finishes at 6 p.m. as well. However, there is still one security guard on duty until 10 p.m. during summer and winter sessions, according to Murray.

Senior TIM/human resource management student Yumi Bracy understands that maintaining security in a public area has its challenges. “Our Security [at night] is pretty good because it controls the homeless in the area, but I would feel safer if there were more guards.”


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