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Club Carnival: antidote for boredom

by Victoria Fonseca, staff writer

Step right up all you twiddlers-of-thumbs, all you idle chatters and flippers-of-the-channels into the late night hours! It is during these vacant moments that intelligent students act to prevent the Do-Nothing Virus from overwhelming them by joining one of the dozens of HPU clubs. The simple antidote to the Do-Nothing Virus is the mere scribbling of a name, however weak the hand feels, across the page of a “Sign-Up!” sheet.

Students felt no hesitation on Feb. 4 about walking up to the table on Fort Street Mall where a guy with blue and purple hair encourages them to sign up for paintball (still not an official HPU club but that may change after today). There were also tables where the flags of various nations or cultures were displayed, where students would connect with folks from home.

In the fashion of a great carnival, the acrobatic women of HPU’s prized cheerleaders flew at the pep rally and swung to the catchy old-school hits by HPU members while the crowd yelled out the chorus of “Great Balls of Fire!” The Groove Time Jammers Dance Club followed, performing to the “standing-room only” crowd.

According to Michael Kiese, an HPU band member, the band performs at Club Carnival every semester and chimes, “I love it. It’s great,” he said, “a lot of fun.”

Nathan Wong, a biology major and vice president of the Tri Beta Honor Society, said he enjoyed Club Carnival but wished it could be held at the Hawai‘i Loa campus where more science majors take classes.

Alberto Gilroy, a junior, said he had enjoyed being a member of the Hiking Club, and this time he joined the Korean Club, “because I’m studying it right now.”

According to Earlene Dowell, a College of Communications staffer, PR major, and founder of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), mentioned that generally it is the junior and senior students who are the most active participants. PRSSA has about 28 members, about 25% of the 80 HPU students majoring in public relations.

As the carnival wound down, students skanked to the rhythm of THC, The Hearticle Crew, an awesome roots reggae band. Softly, a brisk wind swept up after the last of the tables were folded and stacked. There was still an echo of the buzz, the excitement of the day, and its music. Then, at 3:10 p.m. a curtain of rain pushed three members of the United Samoan Organization (USO) to gather up their speakers and huddle under cover near the buildings. A passerby with an umbrella looked to her companion and said, “It was dry all day. The rain was just waiting for us to finish up.”



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