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Aloha from Oceanic Institute: Opportunities for students and researchers

by Dr. A. Reza Kamarei, interim vice president, Research and Developement

The Oceanic Institute (OI) is a leader in research, development, and transfer of sustainable technologies, which enable increased and improved aquatic food production while promoting the sustainable use of ocean resources. Research and development (R&D) at OI consists of six distinct yet interrelated departments and programs. In fact, integrated R&D and a multidisciplinary approach are OI’s strengths. OI’s scientific research is integrated across programs and departments, rather than being restricted within separate programs.


In each R&D department, world class, respected and professional scientists share diverse expertise, and work in teams to exchange, synthesize, and build upon one another’s experience. It is a process of cooperative research that results in innovative solutions. In future issues of Kalamalama, each of the above department’s directors will describe their respective area.

OI’s R&D goals are focused on 10 interrelated areas:

1.Maintenance of healthy marine stocks and selective breeding of aquatic animals (including shrimp, food fish, and ornamental species). Our work is modeled on terrestrial animal husbandry, which shows that high-tech production leads to lower costs and less environmental risk.

2.Aquatic animal health management practices and protocols for a biosecure culture environment, which helps protect the economic investments by thwarting disease and pollution.

3.Providing the much-needed scientific advancement for environmental protection, conservation, preservation, and restoration of marine resources.

4.Production of aquatic feeds to make more efficient use of agricultural and ocean resources and produce healthier animals.

5.Fisheries restoration technologies to reverse marine resource depletion.

6.Reliable production systems based on increased use of technology for greater yields and lower costs.

7.Production of seafood and development of aquatic nutraceuticals.

8.Effective demonstration of commercial prototype production units to promote technology transfer.

9.Training and education on technologies and environmental stewardship to promote positive environmental values.

10.Raising awareness of the public, particularly the younger generation, regarding the role of aquaculture in protecting and enhancing our natural resources, and protecting the environment.

In addition to courses offered jointly by HPU/OI faculty, R&D at OI provides an excellent opportunity for HPU students to join us, as interns or volunteers, to learn new technologies and to provide meaningful contributions to ongoing research projects. There also exists the possibility of being listed as a co-author if the results of projects they worked on are published in scientific journals.

R&D at OI also provides an excellent opportunity for HPU researchers to cooperate with OI scientists on current and future scientific projects.

Interested students should contact Gary Karr, OI’s Communication, Education, and Training manager at



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