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Loren Moreno, editor


Chotzen motivates students to improve

Annabel Chotzen speaks softly, but she delivers powerful words. She’s a professional motivational speaker who gives seminars all over the country. Chotzen launched her motivational-speaking career in 1994, the same year she also became an adjunct communication instructor at HPU, teaching beginning and advanced public speaking, business communication and career communication. She earned her bachelor’s degree in music and dance from Bennington College, Vermont, and her master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University.


Film series explores global citizenship

The General Education program continues its documentary film series with a spring schedule of 15 free films showcasing issues of global citizenship.


HPU student trains Lost star

An HPU student, Kimberly Stahl, is the owner, trainer, and on-set handler of one of the stars of ABC’s primetime series, Lost.


HPU student learns valuable lessons at sea

Sophie Palange couldn’t sleep as gale force winds and rain shook her dorm. A storm was brewing and it kept her awake all night. She knew it wasn’t just any old storm when she was tossed from one end of the bed to the other when the floor beneath her shifted. The drawers of her dresser were opening and closing with the rocking of the ground—announcing the presence of a tempest.

Local group offers communication scholarship

Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC), a nonprofit organization that seeks to raise the profile of Pacific Islanders in national broadcast programming, will be awarding scholarships of up to $5,000 to students pursuing college degrees in media and/or communication.



Advice from a nursing alumna

The Nursing program here at HPU is a challenging yet rewarding major to get into. From personal experience I have met many wonderful faculty members and fellow classmates through HPU and learned valuable lessons that I can take with me when I graduate.



Grad gets oversea surprise

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration wasn’t enough for one HPU graduate.



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