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COM adjunct is Advertiser columnist

by Rita Kristjansdottir, staff writer


How would you like to meet Will Smith? Or Adam Sandler? Or why not Gwen Stefani? A journalist meets celebrities all the time, according to Krisha Chachra, HPU’s newest communication instructor and the Honolulu Advertiser’s new columnist.

Chachra is teaching JOUR 3000 and COM 3420 this term. She has an extensive journalism background and has worked in a variety of media including television, radio, and print. She has also done event planning and public relations. Chachra earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and government at the College of William & Mary and a master’s degree in public relations at American University in Washington, D.C.


Chachra, whose parents are from the Indian sub-continent, grew up in Appalachian Mountains in the hills of Virginia and was occasionally mistaken for a Native American. She got interested in journalism in her early years by watching news anchor Dan Rather, who she describes as being the ambassador of information.

Her passion for telling a story in a meaningful way has inspired her to pursue a variety of careers; she worked as a freelance journalist for USA Weekend Magazine, and as a reporter and host for National Public Radio’s affiliate in West Virginia. It also brought her to Hawai‘i where she currently is freelancing and writing a column for the Honolulu Advertiser. She also volunteers her time as a reporter for Hawai‘i Public Radio.

Chachra enjoys being able to share her knowledge and experience through her teaching, which she describes as being a spiritual experience. “If you can find a way in life to use life to serve others, you are on your way to finding happiness,” she said. Her advice for people who are thinking about a career in journalism is to write, write, and write. “Good TV is good radio, and good radio is good writing.” She also advises doing an internship. It will not only enhance your experience and knowledge about the career you might be interested in, but also builds up your networking skills and contacts.

Cachra came to Hawai‘i in August 2004, fulfilling a dream she has had for a long time of moving to paradise. She vacationed in Hawai‘i with her family, and she always wanted to live in the islands, be a part of the community, and part take of the aloha spirit. She has spent her time on the island not only writing and teaching but also learning about the Hawaiian culture. She is currently taking classes in Hawaiian and loves to meet new people. “Everyone has a story and a reason to come here,” she said.



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