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Dumb dating mistakes men make

by Don Diebel, president Gemini Publishing Co.


Do you strike out with single women in the romance department no matter what you do? You can be a drop-dead good-looking guy, but unless you know what is offensive to a woman’s ears, you are likely to stick your foot in your mouth, make a fool of yourself, and turn off women.


You need to know what today’s single woman wants and must provide it without sounding phony. The following are some common mistakes men make when dating that turn women off:

1. When talking to or about single women, are you still living back in the dating dark ages and calling them babes, broads, chicks, or something even more repulsive? Always call a woman by her name! If you use these other terms, you will insult every woman around you.

2. When out on a date, do you spend all of your time eyeing other women in the bar, nightclub, or restaurant? Don’t even think for a minute that she won’t notice. She will not only notice, but may be so turned off by your behavior that she may never want to see you again. Always focus all of your undivided attention on the woman you’re with. Treat her like a princess, and she is far more likely to make you her prince.

3. Another common mistake men make early in a relationship with a single woman is being too sexually aggressive. This kind of behavior can frighten women and turn them off. No one likes a stranger pawing at their bodies and making sexual overtures. Get to know her first. After you are comfortable with each other, then you you can make your physical moves.

4. When talking to a woman, do find yourself concentrating totally on her breasts? This is a real no-no! Always look women in the eyes when talking to them. Believe me, if all you can do is stare at her breasts, she will catch on to it and will ditch you as soon as possible. Women don’t like men who constantly stare at their breasts. In a topless club it’s OK, but not when you have just met a woman or are in the early stages of dating.

5. If a woman wants to be independent, let her. For instance, if she wants to change her own flat tire, let her. If she wants to open her own door, let her. If she wants to order her own food or wine, let her. Let her assert her independence. It will make a good impression on her. You’re making a big mistake if you want to control the relationship all the time and not let her be independent, if this is what she desires.

6. Some misguided men think it’s sexy and cool to brag about what a great lover they have been to their other girlfriends. They talk about getting high on drugs, or how well they can hold their liquor. You are not impressing women with this. As a matter a fact, they will probably find that you are obnoxious, juvenile, and potentially dangerous.

In closing, if you are making any of these dating blunders, or worse, if any of these are your habititual behaviors, correct them immediately. I hate to keep pounding this into your head, but if you turn women off, you are stacking the odds against your successfully meeting, dating, attracting, and seducing single women.

Editor’s note: Copyright (c) 2005 by Don Diebel, who bills himself as “America’s No. 1 Singles Expert.” For more free dating tips on how to successfully meet, date, attract, and become intimate with women, visit his Web site at: .



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