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Executive in Residence program launched

by Kalamalama staff


Under the auspices of HPU’s Center for Business and the Community, in the University’s College of Business Administration, a new program was launched last semester that will connect students with business leaders in the global community.

HPU inaugurated the Executive in Residence program in the fall of 2004 with Dr. Charles Steilen, a highly regarded expert in international marketing, has spent the last 20 years consulting with more than 100 different businesses and governments in a dozen countries.

For this spring semester, the Executive in Residence program invited Richard B. McAndrew, an international IT expert, to work with HPU students. McAndrew is conducting roundtable discussions with students and faculty, working with the HPU Center for Business and the Community to develop further contacts with the business community, and teaching a graduate course called Management and Technology in the New Millenium.

The course allows students to explore the rationale for the many changes that are dramatically altering the IT industry. Students are expected to gain an understanding of the business impact that emerging technologies are having and their risks and rewards,according to McAndrew, who has worked for 20 years in the technology field, including 11 years at Dun and Bradstreet Software as a vice president and regional manager.

Over the course of his career, McAndrew has been responsible for more than 500 large-scale software implementations for major corporations. Also he has served as executive in residence at California Lutheran University and has taught at FH Joanneum University in Graz, Austria, where he redesigned the graduate and undergraduate IT emphasis.

“ Our students of engaging with business executives will immeasurably enhance their preparation for the contemporary work force,” said Dr. Rod Romig, director of the Center for Business and the Community. He believes McAndrew’s I.T. Industry background provides students with the right blend of real world experience combined with theory and concept.

“ Managers are a commodity; leaders are in short supply,” said McAndrew, adding that his reward is seeing today’s new leaders achieve professional and personal success.



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