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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


One of the most rewarding things that happens at HPU is that we get to know and support our neighbors. For many years, our faculty and students have used course assignments to help organizations improve their ability to deliver core products and key services to the customers. Dr. Larry Rowland’s project management classes regularly adopt local agencies for information systems support. They establish technology project plans, create Web sites, and improve information handling and reporting procedures to help not-for-profits better qualify for state and federal grants.


One of many such programs was Na Kamalei-K.E.E.P. Executive Director N. Nalani Mattox-Primacio explained the impact of Rowland’s students: “We are blessed to have had your professional and committed students looking out for our interests. Our families now have a better exposure to program information, critical referral services, and key training opportunities.”

On a larger scale, HPU is also researching and creating an innovative software system to help battle cyber-terrorism. Faculty and students in the College of Professional Studies have been asked to create a Casualty Tracking System (CTS) that would be part of the state of Hawai‘i’s Emergency Medical Response System.

Using optical scanning and mobile communications technologies, the CTS gathers information at the site of a biological, chemical or other terrorist attack. That information (e.g. patient ID, nature of injury, geographic location) is transmitted wirelessly to hospitals, clinics, emergency medical technicians, and the state’s medical command center. The system also automatically updates as each patient is moved or treated so that statewide officials can determine where to send mobile emergency response teams. Both Homeland Security and the Center for Disease Control will then use the system’s analysis and reporting capabilities to shape strategic responses.

This effort is being headed by Dr. Richard Nicklas, assistant professor of information systems, and Mr. Nitin Nagar, a graduate student in the MSISP program. Their preliminary research has been eagerly received by key agencies who are enthusiastic about the cutting-edge nature of their work. Before they finish, the development team will not only have created sophisticated software systems but also contributed significantly to the body of knowledge surrounding the dynamics of cataclysmic events. Whether small project or large, local or national partner, HPU is proud to be a good neighbor.

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