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Need a challenge?

by Amy Gowans


Do your aspirations drive you to push your limits? If so, then are you ready to step up and face another challenge?

If you want to get into top shape but simply need that little extra push, you find it in boxing.

Before I had my first training session, boxing just didn’t make any sense. Why would people fight for no reason? And why did so many other people enjoy watching it?

After an hour and a half of intense workout, I learned that boxing was not just about fighting. I left the gym with my clothes drenched in perspiration and a new-found respect for the sport.

Boxing requires tremendous endurance. It requires physical, mental, and emotional stamina and discipline. It’s about pushing your limits and becoming accountable for everything you do, or don’t do.

Throughout my training, I witnessed incredible benefits. First of all, I lost more than 20 pounds within four months. I was more physically fit than ever before, and I felt much more alert. My mind was sharper, and my energy level was much higher.

I also felt more confident in myself. The more I trained, the more I realized how much I was gaining.

My coach, Anthony Kim, was perhaps the main reason I was able to gain so much from boxing. He pushed me further than I ever thought possible. He is incredibly uplifting, so the workouts didn’t seem strenuous, but fun and exciting.

Kim is an exceptional consummate pro boxer and athlete whose awards include the Golden Gloves, the U.S. Olympics Silver Medal, and The Most Outstanding Boxer Award, among others. He teaches small group classes so that each student can get the attention he or she needs to correct bad habits and break through out of limitations. Watching him train one realizes that he truly defies human restrictions on many levels.

Kim is that rare fighter/athlete who brings his talents to coaching. He has a keen eye for assessing his students’ needs and an uncanny ability to bring the best out of them so effectively and efficiently, that the students may be unaware of their improvements.

Kim trains Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and the lessons are open to everyone. For more information, call 955-0993.

Amy Gowans is a junior majoring in travel industry management.



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