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Oscar night brings out island 'celebs'

by Saida Oliver, Opinion editor


The Hawai‘i International Film Festival held a benefit Oscar viewing party at the Pacific Club in Honolulu, Feb. 27. The black-tie optional event was Hawai‘i’s only Oscar party, and one of 45 Oscar parties nationwide. Christian Razukus of HIFF said the party was such a great success that the organization is going to continue the tradition next year.

For five hours of entertainment that they could have watched at home, HIFF Ohana members were charged $100 and everyone paid $150. The price was supposed to included dinner, entertainment, and drinks, but as partygoers received their nametags, they were politely bombarded with raffle tickets, requests for donations, and bar drinks to purchase. Beginning at 3 p.m., guests were greeted by television cameras as they got out of their vehicles. Acting like pretentious wannabes, they were able to walk down a red carpet and purchased plastic gold stars displaying individual and corporate names and their donations to HIFF.

As they walked into the social gathering, pupus and wine were served and guests either sat at the tables or walked around viewing premiums that were raffled-off. These included signed film memorabilia, a year of free video rentals, and neighbor island package getaways. A professional photographer took pseudo glamorous pictures with costume accessories.

Joan and mini-Melissa Rivers hopefuls were sprawled throughout the room critically critiquing every person who walked through the door. The thick ice was broken once Chris Rock came on the television with his big smile and jokes that were actually funny.

The party was truly a success. Guests laughed, ate, and laughed some more. Most importantly, HIFF raised funds to keep its festival rolling in Hawai‘i.


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