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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke

It is never too early to think about end-of-life issues. To what heroic extent do we want our loved ones to care for us is a decision we all must and should make. Do we want to be kept alive with every available means or will it be OK to cease artificial care when all signs of possible recovery have faded? It is very important that our loved ones know our wishes. These wishes can be outlined in a document known as a Living Will.


The Terri Schiavo case, much debated in the news, is ongoing because there is no Living Will in place. Who speaks for Terri when there is no Living Will? Her husband? Her parents? The courts? Congress?

I have a Living Will in place. It is clear that I want no heroic, artificial means to keep me alive when all vital signs cease to function. My family knows this, and there should be no battle when my final days are upon me. I know I’m in the hands of a good and loving God, and death is not my enemy. It is the gateway to eternal life, so why should I be afraid of it?

That is the amazing message of Easter. Because Jesus lives, we live also.That is great comfort when death nears.

Encourage your loved ones to make a Living will. Just the act of talking about end-of-life issues brings people closer and makes it easier when the time arrives. In the meantime, live life to the fullest today. It is truly a gift from above.

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