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College of Business starts mentoring program

by Dr. Rod Romig, Center for Business and Communication


The job market is extremely competitive. Employers are looking for graduates who have distinguished themselves beyond the classroom: athletics, clubs, volunteerism, work experience. In fall ‘05, the College of Business Administration will offer students an opportunity to distinguish themselves in the eyes of potential employers through participation in a mentoring program.

The program, coordinated by the Center for Business and the Community, is a unique opportunity for 30 selected graduate-level and senior undergraduate students to work with successful Honolulu executives. It offers opportunities to develop business contacts, access industry information, and gain valuable insights from experienced and successful professionals.

From October to May, small groups of students will meet with mentors to discuss business issues, career paths, and professional experiences, including: analyzing real-life situations, participating in strategy meetings, meeting with company decision makers, providing professional guidance to others. The time committed is flexible, but the groups generally meet every four to six weeks throughout the year with each group setting its own agenda and goals.

Student requirements

The success of the program is directly related to the level of student engagement. Preparation is essential. Students with well-considered questions about the industry, career development, organizational politics, management skills, etc., will benefit enormously from engagement with the mentor.

Students will set meeting times and places, prepare agendas, and following up as necessary. Venues may vary and include office conference rooms as well as coffee shops. Honolulu business attire is required, as is attendance at an informational meeting in September and completion of a program evaluation form in May.

Students will be selected based on evidence provided on their resume that demonstrates their ability to successfully manage both the classroom and outside activities. For electronic application forms, e-mail Return applications and a current resume to the the same e-mail address.



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