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Press Club supports Hawai'i Public Radio

by Phil M. Nufer


On April 3, 12 members of the Press Club at HPU participated in a successful Hawai‘i Public Radio spring fund drive, “Challenge 2005: It’s All About The Air!”

HPR raised $521,000 by April 16 and exceeded its overall goal, $517,000.

“ Helping Hawai‘i Public Radio achieve its goal was a rich experience,” said Saida Oliver, Press Club secretary. HPR’s mission is to educate, inform, and entertain by providing services to Hawai‘i, the nation, and the international community that would not otherwise be available. Hawai‘i Public Radio is fully funded by listeners. Every six months, a fund drive takes place in which listeners give donations to keep the station operating.

Every semester, for the last five years, the HPU Press Club has lent HPR a helping hand in its fund drives. The students answer phones and take listener pledges for approximately three to four hours.
The Press Club was founded in 1996 to provide students, faculty, and staff of Hawai‘i Pacific University with a forum to express their awareness and interest in journalism.

The 2005 Press Club officers include: Loren Moreno, president; Shavae’cha Lee, vice president; and Saida Oliver, secretary. All of the officers were in attendance and gave the event rave reviews.
“ Hawai‘i Public Radio needs to exist. It is one of the few radio news sources that are unbiased, and not mainstream,” said Press Club President, Loren Moreno.

All membership pledges of $50 or more include a one-year subscription to Honolulu magazine and discounts to HPR-sponsored events. In addition, logo gifts ranging from coffee mugs and CDs to concert tickets are also available as premiums to people that donate.

Even though the fund drive is technically over, individuals wishing to make donations can do so at anytime by logging on to or by calling (808) 955-8821.


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