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3 Doors Down at Pipeline Cafe

by Domenica Riggio


3 Doors Down had great performances April 5 and 6 at Pipeline Cafe, where more than 1,500 fans crowded to see them play.

“Last night was a great show,” said Kurtis Winger, who is part of the production crew at Pipeline. “They did a good job.”Doors opened at 6 p.m. for the line of people waiting outside Pipeline Cafe. At 7, No Bare Feet, a local band, opened for 3 Doors Down. No Bare Feet dedicated a song, called “Take It Back,” to service men and women who had recently returned from Afghanistan, and presented two U.S. flags to people in the crowd to wave in honor of the men and women who served our country.


By the end of their opening act, No Bare Feet really had the crowd going; the floor was crowded and rowdy, and lead singer, Adrian Estrella, climbed up onto a speaker and jumped into the crowd. “This is our first time opening for 3 Doors Down,” said Estrella,.but we have opened for other bands, including Hoobastank and Sum 41,”
After No Bare Feet, the crowd waited 35 minutes for 3 Doors Down. Finally, musicians Todd Harrell, Chris Henderson, Matt Roberts, and lead singer, Brad Arnold, entered, and the crowd went absolutely crazy.

The band performed everything from “Be Like That” to “Superman” to “Let Me Go,” from their new album Seventeen Days that debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart when it was released in February (Honolulu Advertiser, April 4, 2005).

“ I remember seeing them performing “Away from the Sun” on an aircraft carrier when I was deployed to Kuwait,” said Adam Cruz, a U.S. service member. “We were on the verge of war, and here are these musicians who tailored their whole cause and performance to U.S. service members. That’s what really took me into them,” Cruz added.

Pipeline security was very tight. Several fans were carried out of the crowd for crowd surfing and rowdy behavior. One fan actually maneuvered his way up onto the stage without security even knowing, but he was quickly escorted off.

Besides the slight rowdiness of the crowd, the overall performance was incredible. Arnold was impressive. His voice carried well throughout the whole performance. Harrell got the crowd going by interrupting his guitar playing, raising his hands up and sticking his tongue out.
The band ended the night with “Loser,” threw several drumsticks out to the crowd, and thanked the fans for coming.




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