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Are you drinking enough water?

by Salatha Helton, staff writer


Experiencing symptoms such as muscle cramps, headaches, or fatigue? Before you rush to the doctor, drink water! These symptoms are common in dehydration. You don’t have to pass out to be dehydrated.

Vegetarians are Healthy

* They have the lowest rate of atherosclerotic heart disease and of impotence of any group in the United States.


* They have a lower risk of getting breast and colon cancer. Meat eaters have a 10-times greater risk than pure vegetarians.

* Ninety percent of adult-onset diabetics can reduce, or entirely eliminate their insulin injections while on a low-fat vegetarian diet.

* Millions of Americans get osteoporosis and have kidney failure due to consuming excess animal proteins.

* Women who eat meat have chemical pollution in their breast milk at levels 35 times higher than that of pure vegetarians.

Vegetarians are ecologically responsible.

* Seventy-five percent of our food-growing topsoil in the United States has eroded due to farming and animal agriculture.

* One acre of land growing broccoli will supply 10 times as much protein as an acre of land producing beef.

* If land used for grazing cattle and raising feed grains were for growing trees or fiber plants to burn for energy, there would be no need to import foreign oil.

* More than half of the water used in the United States is used for livestock production.

* Water pollution from feedlots and feed grain field runoff (manure, topsoil, pesticides, fertilizer, etc.) contaminates more streams and rivers than do all the wastes from all U.S. cities and industries combined.

Vegetarians are compassionate

* Vegans do not eat animal products and therefore do not contribute to the suffering and needless death of animals raised for food.

* Every year in the United States, 10 billion animals are killed for food.

* Veal calves are chained in crates to prevent movement, and they are fed iron-deficient food to make them anemic in order to keep their flesh pale.

* Egg-laying hens are debeaked and raised in cages so small that they are unable to stretch their wings.

* Fishing depletes fish populations, disrupts vital food chains, and forces marine mammals and sea birds to extinction through starvation.


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