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Letter from Camp Bucca

by Jeff Smith


Things have been pretty interesting at the prison the last few weeks. We found a six-mile underground tunnel that the detainees were building. It ended clear off base, but lucky for us nobody tried to escape. The discovery made CNN and FOX, so it was pretty cool to say that I got to be here when that happened.



There’s no real “cells” here. The detainees stay in large tents, or concrete barracks. Some have up to 50 people per building. The tunnel started underneath the floorboard inside one of the tents and ended six- miles off base.

There’s no real way to know how long they were doing it, or when, but we believe that many of them were doing it, taking turns, probably late at night, although they could’ve been doing it during the day.

You could not tell there was a tunnel there. Someone who used to be in that specific compound informed on them. That’s how we found out. I think he may have been in on it too, but since he got transferred out of there, he ratted them out under the thought, “If I can’t escape, nobody’s escaping.” Who knows?

We also had a four-day long riot of about 900 detainees due to the tunnel discovery, which I believe is finally over, thankfully. That sucked, because I worked a lot for three days straight with hardly any sleep. Right now, both the Army and the Air Force are working together to have better control. Four days is too long for a riot, in their eyes.

I’m well over the halfway point now, and I should be back mid-July. Our relief starts their pre-deployment training at Ft. Lewis around the end of May.

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