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Students sign up for annual AIDS Walk

Susie Contreras, staff writer
Many students at HPU walk to and from school, others walk for exercise, and most walk around campus every day. Now students can put all that walking experience to good use by joining the Starbucks AIDS Walk for Life on May 15. The walk is an easy one, short, only 5K around Kapiolani Park, and registration is free.


Walkers who raise $100 get a commemorative t-shirt. Money raised from the walk goes to support the Life Foundation, Hawai‘i’s oldest and largest AIDS organization.

Walkers can register as individuals, join an existing team, or become captain of their own team. It’s not only a chance to walk for a good cause but also a chance to have fun and make new friends.
HPU student nurses will be participating in the walk this year and Erin Bullock, Student Nursing Association president, hopes to see many other HPU students there. “I would like people to take an active interest in their community,” Bullock said. “I think that we tend to have this view that we have to do something huge to make a difference in the world. The fact is, big changes start with small steps. Simply signing up online to fundraise through e-mail is a huge step. You can make such a difference with a small gesture,” said Bullock.

Although Bullock is the only one who has signed up so far, she encourages all students, especially nursing students to sign up via the Web site. “I feel that it is especially important for nursing students to be actively involved in prevention and health teaching. Community events such as the AIDS walk are a great way to do that,” Bullock added.

Other HPU students are also getting involved. Tamika Davis, a 22-year- old graduate student at HPU, worked in Tanzania, Africa last year for three months, teaching children and adults how to prevent AIDS. “I am doing the AIDS Walk because I feel that students should become more involved in actively fighting this epidemic,” said Davis.

This is Life Foundations 14th annual AIDS Walk, and this year it will feature entertainment during and after the walk, a pep rally, and Starbucks coffee and treats. One of the featured performances will be from Sonny Ching’s Halau, Na Mamo ‘O Pu‘uanahulu, one of the largest halaus in Hawai‘i. It often performs at official government functions and has won various prizes in the annual Merrie Monarch competition.

Life Foundation began in 1983 as a way to provide health and social care to Hawai‘i’s AIDs community. According to its 2004 annual report, last year it had a total of 649 clients, both male and female, of all different ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, and income levels. Life Foundation provides social services for these clients, including nursing services, prepared meals, acupuncture sessions, health care, and haircuts.

According to Life Foundation, the AIDS Walk last year raised more than $75,000. Starbucks was also last year’s sponsor. Pick up registration forms at any local Starbucks or register online at


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