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by Bruce S. Anderson, president, Oceanic Institute


HPU has always had an excellent marine science research program. Several years ago President Chatt G. Wright had a vision for how HPU’s program could be made even better. When he approached Oceanic Institute about how our two organizations could work together to create a world-class marine science program for HPU students, we jumped at the opportunity and we haven’t look back.

A career in the marine sciences is one of the most personally rewarding and important fields of study today. That’s because so much is at stake in the race to understand how to protect and preserve the world’s oceans. As we grapple with the challenges of a growing population struggling to live on a planet with limited resources, the marine science industry will become even more critical, both for Hawai‘i and for the world.

Oceanic Institute – Learning from the Sea

Oceanic Institute is one of the largest applied research and development organizations dedicated to marine aquaculture and coastal resource management in the world today. After more than 40 years, our researchers, collectively, probably know more about growing shrimp and fish – two important aquaculture products – than just about anyone.

In fact, improved breeds of shrimp developed at Oceanic Institute dominate the world’s shrimp export business today. In addition, Oceanic Institute’s pioneering work to develop offshore aquaculture in a sustainable manner is a model for others to follow. Today, virtually all of the Pacific Threadfin, commonly known as moi in Hawai‘i, come from fingerlings raised in our tanks. This fish, once considered so rare and delicious that it was reserved only for Hawaiian royalty, is now a favorite menu item at many fine restaurants in Hawai‘i.

The marine research taking place at Oceanic Institute is well known among marine scientists, aquaculture farmers, and marine environmentalists around the world. Our work is truly setting the standard for sustainable aquaculture internationally.

In future issues, I will explore these topics with you in more detail. For now, Aloha from the Oceanic Institute.


Bruce S. Anderson. Courtesey OI


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