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by Kalamalama Staff

Rosie’s is a honky-tonk in West Texas, kind of western-style Cheers and is the hangout for a colorful bunch of “regulars” who in this, the final chapter, are celebrating the closing of their favorite bar. The show features a cast of at least 20 people, including an active chorus and many soloists. According to author Norm Buroughs, who co-wrote Aloha Rosie’s with Maltby, the show’s 23 musical numbers cover a wide variety of styles: ballads, novelty, comic, rock, and country.

Open roles include Charlie, a regular at Rosie’s with two solo comic songs; Dan, Rosie’s son, 30s to early 40s, with one solo song and two duets; Dos Ahole, a Mexican bullfighter with one solo song; Madame Pilau, who sings “Can You Stand the Heat”; and other Rosie’s regulars, waiters, waitresses, several of whom have solo songs, duets, trios, and featured dancing, and/or speaking parts.

“ All are on stage throughout most of the show,” said Maltby, “contributing to group numbers and general merriment. People looking to have fun are encouraged to audition!” Call 254-0853 for more information.


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