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by Stacy R. Judy, Head, Ahterton Library


I don’t want to trash them, but I hate the clutter they create. The problem, of course, is what to do with them. Sound familiar?
Well, now the dilemma is solved! We at HPU libraries have established Readers Exchange (RE) racks where people can bring their cast-off books and magazines, and pick up new materials to read and enjoy. The rules are easy as 12345:
1. Come in.
2. Look at what we have.
3. Take what you want.
4. Mark the tally-sheet.
5. Leave your own items if you have any.
Easy! If you want to return what you take, or substitute other items, you’re welcome. If not, that’s OK too.
The library cannot guarantee that we will keep everything that is placed on our exchange shelves—space is limited—but we encourage you to bring in any reading materials you want to share.


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