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by Susie Contreras, staff writer


“Contests or art shows are tests to myself to reaffirm…how I’m doing,” said Komatsu, adding that she wanted people to see her viewpoints through her paintings.

This year’s student and staff art exhibit, held at the Hawai’i Loa Campus Gallery, coincided with HPU’s 40th anniversary celebration. According to Lynne Ledward, an administrator in HPU’s Student Services Division and part of HPU’s art gallery board, which organized the exhibit, it usually takes place in March, but this year it was moved to July for the celebration.

The exhibit, which ran from July 31 to September 22, was open to submissions from HPU students, faculty, staff, gallery board members, and alumni. Artwork was collected in April of last year. Once it was submitted, a jury selected which artwork would appear in the exhibit.

Ledward said that this is the only exhibit held at the Hawai’i Loa campus that features student artwork. Normally the space is reserved for showcasing local artists.

The student’s art represented a wide array of mediums including digital and film photography, painting, ceramics, paper sculpture, and even a quilt.

In addition to showcasing their art, students and staff were given an opportunity to sell their work. Prices ranged from $18 for “The Bud Vase,” a ceramic piece by Jill Merl, to $1,600 for “Tupac Shakur,” a pencil drawing by Adly Mirza of the late rapper.

But many of the art pieces were not for sale. Komatsu said that she wasn’t selling any of her artwork because she is focused on building up her portfolio and painting for a book which is set to be published later this year. She showcases her artwork when she can. “I’m happy that it’s up there. I’m proud. It gives me more confidence,” said Komatsu.
“Where Art Thou” is a four panel watercolor on arches by Yumika Komatsu.
Photo by Susie Contreras


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