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by Nanea Kalani, News editor


Donations totaling over $11,000 were collected according to B.J. Dorman, Divisional Development director of the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division of The Salvation Army.

Because of the busy schedules of HPU’s student groups at the beginning of the fall semester, “We thought that we needed to do something and there was not enough time for students to start up and organize something on their own,” said Stensrud regarding the collaboration with The Salvation Army.

The fundraising efforts started Sept. 7 with three locations on the downtown campus and one on the windward Hawai‘i Loa campus. Stensrud said that the stations remained open for contributions on weekdays through Sept. 16 on both campuses and ended Sept. 17 on the windward campus. All donations will go directly to those affected by the hurricane by means of The Salvation Army, said Stensrud.

The donation stations had a wide range of volunteer staff with “almost all athletic program teams, student groups, as well as different faculty and staff groups…including the Colleges of Business and Communication,” said Stensrud.

Along with the fundraising efforts, HPU’s Office of Admissions is working with students who were scheduled to attend schools in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. According to the Admissions Office, any student who can provide proof of enrollment or admission to a school located in the areas affected by the hurricane will be granted admission to HPU this fall.

“ Our hearts go out to the people in the areas affected by this disaster as they work to rebuild their lives...HPU stands ready to help in this small way,” said Stensrud.



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