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by Lindsey Rowland, Military Matters editor


Knowles is currently deployed to Tikrit, Iraq. He has taught courses in sociology, criminology, and criminal justice for HPU. He has gone from Dr. Knowles to Major Knowles, from college professor to military police.

Knowles deployed in the middle of the spring semester. “He recognized that he had to go if needed, but he deployed in the middle of the semester and we asked if he could wait until the end of the semester because it was disruptive for the students,” Professor Mary Sheridan, Ph.D., program chair for Social Work and Sociology at HPU. But the Army could not wait, and his classes were given to other professors.

This fall, HPU has hired Melissa Walbridge as a visiting professor to temporarily fill in for Knowles.
Knowles received his Ph.D. from the University of Hawai‘i with a concentration in criminology and ethnographic research methods. He also has a M.S. in Criminal Justice from Chaminade University. His publications have focused on clandestine narcotics trafficking, drug addiction, illegal gambling, prison gangs and subculture, and human trafficking within the sex industry.

Knowles is assigned to a Civil Affairs Battalion. “I am currently working with the Joint Coordination Centers (JCC) in various cities in Northern Iraq,” Knowles said. “The JCC are an emergency management center that integrates all three elements of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF): the Iraqi Army, (IA), Iraqi Police Services (IPS), and the Iraqi Department of Border Enforcement (DBE).”
“ Dr. Knowles is a person of honor and has been with the military a long time,” Sheridan said. “Nobody likes to go to war, but when duty calls he has to go. When we hired him, we knew he could leave us, but we support him and hold him in our prayers and hope he comes home safely.”
Knowles is expected to return in June 2006.

HPU professor Gordon Knowles, Ph.D., left, poses with his private security detail assigned to escort him on various site visits to the Joint Coordination Center (JCC). Professor Knowles is wearing the Army’s new Advanced Combat Uniform (ACU).

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