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by Bruce S. Anderson, president, Oceanic Institute


The HPU/OI Partnership

Hawai‘i has one of the finest, most envied environments for marine research in the world. Our pristine ocean water and relatively isolated setting is perfect for growing marine animals. Any of our nation’s leading universities would jump at the opportunity to send student interns to study marine science at Oceanic Institute. Only a few of the top schools in the nation offer a quality marine science program and most of them cannot provide the array of facilities, research capabilities, and hands-on opportunities to learn that are available at Oceanic Institute. The OI-HPU program is truly unique. We’re proud to be able to offer it to HPU students, and to help foster what we hope is the next generation of the world’s marine scientists and aquaculture farmers here in Hawai‘i.

To date, more than 170 students have enrolled in the OI-HPU program, with more expected to enroll in the winter semester. These students are receiving one of the highest-quality marine science educations available anywhere. They are getting to work with some of the top scientists in the world on Oceanic Institute’s staff. The students are also getting to experience, first hand, sustainable environmental management practices that can help keep our oceans healthy, for this generation and the next.

Over the past year, OI and HPU have developed three new innovative courses: Principles and Practices of Saltwater Aquaculture, Ornamental Fish Aquaculture, and Marine Mammal Biology. Most universities require their students to be graduate students before taking these types of courses, but at HPU they are offered to upper-level undergraduate students. In addition, the Ornamental Fish Aquaculture class is serving to train teachers and entrepreneurs about how to grow marine ornamental fish. These are exciting new opportunities for HPU students and the community at large.
A Bright Future in Marine Sciences

A career in marine sciences is not an easy one. Students must be prepared to put in long hours, grapple with complex scientific and social issues, and to devote months – sometimes years – to research that does not always produce immediate results.

If you are interested, prepare to get wet. You can’t learn everything in a classroom! HPU’s marine science education program includes plenty of “field” research, which means diving in Hawai‘i’s near-shore waters. We will be sharing more about this exciting new affiliation between OI and HPU in future issues of Kalamalama. If you are interested in learning more, the HPU website at www.hpu.edu, or OI’s Web site at www.oceanicinstitute.org or e-mail Gary Karr, Communications, Education and Training manager at OI at gkarr@oceanicinstitute.org.
I look forward to seeing you at the Oceanic Institute. Aloha.


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