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by Ikena DuPont



Ward also stresses academics. Many of the sports have all ready begun study halls, and the athletes say that it is helping a lot.

On Sept. 16, HPU introduced its athletes at a Fort Street Mall party in celebration of its 40th anniversary. The new A.D. would like to have more such social events to integrate the student athletes with each other, and to involve the student body in their support.

Her final goal is to make HPU sports a fan favorite in the community by providing community services. Ward said, “If people see what we do in the community, they will want to support us.” She is also working on getting more media coverage of HPU teams.

Ward’s background includes positions as assistant basketball coach at Loyola University and compliance officer at Loyola and Northwestern University, and with the NCAA where she certified Division I athletic programs.

Her greatest accomplishment, she said, is her law degree from Georgetown University. Ward is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Hawai‘i.

Ward played basketball in high school, but when she went to Georgetown, she chose the academic path but never lost her love of athletics.

After coming to Hawai‘i, Ward got a job teaching mathematics at HPU, and became a consultant to HPU athletics before being named athletic director this past summer.
Members of the HPU men’s soccer teams line up behind about 250 young Wahiawa soccer players at local soccer coach Fred Rames’ annual clinic. This is the 10th year HPU has helped Ramos. “Any time we can give back to the community it is a positive thing for everyone involved,” HPU soccer coach Liedtke said.
Jill Ward
Photos courtsey of HPU Athletic


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