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by Kyle Galdeira, Editor

Club reps were briefed on basic rules and procedures by the Leadership Development Coordinator Sharon Manibog, who also introduced the new Director of Student Life, Froylan Fernandez, and Vice President of Student Support Services, Dr. Jeff Philpott.

Here’s a list of some of the clubs at HPU and their upcoming activities:
Accounting Club: Members deal with local businesses and accounting firms and seek advice from working professionals.

American Marketing Association: Helps provide interested students with connections to professionals in the field of marketing and competes with other schools around the country to interpret a case study.

Associated Students of Hawai‘i Pacific University: Encourages students to get involved with student government and provides manpower for school events. This year, students will be able to cast votes online via Campus Pipeline.

Colleges Against Cancer: Organizing a Relay for Life rally on March 31. Please stay tuned for more details.

Frisbee Club: In its third year, this organization will play and teach others about Frisbee at various public events including, hopefully, HPU basketball games.

GT Jammers: A dance club that puts a twist on community service through the use of different types of dance. There is no experience required to participate.

The Press Club: Offers a slate of news industry speakers on Monday nights, starting Oct. 3 with Oahu Island News publisher Knox Richardson. Plans public service events to assist the Hawai‘i Public Radio semiannual fund drives.

Psychology Club: Organizing monthly symposiums and a peer support program to help train students who want to become counselors.

Public Relations Club: Plan to attend a national conference in Miami, Florida.

Toastmasters: Assists students who wish to improve their public speaking skills. Meetings encourage participation and increased confidence when speaking to groups.

Social Work and Human Services Club: Stay tuned for information on the annual Thanksgiving food drive. There will be designated collection areas so that you may donate to the less fortunate.

United Samoan Organization: Currently working on fundraising and community outreach. The club welcomes all students who wish to learn about Polynesian culture.

HPU offers a variety of clubs, many not listed. For more information, visit the Office of Student Life.

If you are involved with any club or organization, please let the Kalamalama staff know of any upcoming events, or send us information and photos. Please contact us via e-mail at kalamalama@hpu.edu.



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