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By Brittany Yap, associated editor

“There were twice as many students this year compared to last,” said Financial Aid Counselor, Helen Longao. “We held the job fair on the second week of school, rather than the first week.”
Tables showcasing prospective employers filled the 11th floor conference room, and potential employees walked around asking questions and picking up applications. Some students left with a job, while others may still be waiting for phone calls.

Rooms were set up for students to fill out applications, do interviews, and even snack.
“ It was good because the employers could complete everything right there,” said Longao.
Students who did not find a job, or who could not attend the job fair, can search the Federal Work-Study catalog at the Financial Aid Office for open positions. Those still seeking part-time work can visit the Career Services Center and look through catalogs there for job openings, or log on to campus pipeline and look under the Career Services link titled “job bulletin.”

Career Counsellor Reid Takamatsu helped check in students at the front door and determined if they qualified for Federal Work-Study or part-time positions.

“ We e-mailed every student and let them know who was participating,” said Takamatsu. “We weren’t expecting everyone to come prepared with resumes. Some students just found out about it today and came after class.”

Takamatsu said that employers were a little more relaxed, and they were just looking for students to work part time between classes.

Most of the students looking for Federal Work-Study jobs were freshmen because most students who received work study positions last year got hired back by their former employers.


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