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by Kristen Wong, staff editor


The open positions consisted of two freshman class representatives and one each junior and senior class representative, as well as a windward campus rep, a Web master, and a historian. Briefly, the representatives attend monthly meetings to address student concerns. The Web master maintains and updates the ASHPU Web site, and the historian creates an ASHPU scrapbook with pictures from events the organization sponsors during the year.

Representatives for each class were elected solely by members of that class (e.g., only freshmen voted for the freshman representatives). Students obtained and completed their paperwork from Sept. 12 through 16. Each candidate required 40 signatures from members of his or her respective class, a personal statement, an unofficial transcript, and a picture. From Sept. 19 to 23 candidates were able to campaign for their election and put up their own flyers.

Traditionally elections have been held at tables on the windward and downtown campuses. Each student was checked off a roster as he or she voted. This year, computers on both campuses as well as online links provided voting access.

Current Web master Jamie Hatch made online voting possible through HPU’s campus pipeline, according to ASHPU Executive Vice President, senior David Kuhn von Burgsdorff, who is also the Election Committee chairperson. He said that online voting would encourage people to get “involved on campus pipeline.” This election saw a vast increase in interested parties, mostly freshmen, according to Kuhn Von Burgsdorff. Results of the election were announced on Sept. 28.

Before election ballots were available online, ASHPU voters neede to drop ballots in boxes like this one.

Photo by Baxter Cepeda


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