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by Desiree Ramire, Calendar editor

Richard DesJardin Jr., originally from Escanaba, Miss. has been at HPU since 2001, and completed his studies with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. His brother recommended he pursue a career in computer science, and DesJardin feels that his overall experience at HPU has been challenging but rewarding. He said, “I was very proud and honored to be chosen as valedictorian for the HPU Military Campus Programs.” DesJardin will continue with his current career as a civil service information technology supervisor for the federal government after graduation.

Completing her studies at HPU in just three short years, Melissa Opacic earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. When Opacic was six years old, she was curious about “why we think the way we do.” From then on, she had a growing interest in understanding people’s different ways of thinking. Originally from Fair Lawn, N.J., Opacic felt that her experience at HPU was unique. The smaller classes were more beneficial for her, and through this she was able to form better relationships with her professors. She is thankful she said, “For the guidance her professors gave her,” which she will take with her when she attends graduate school next fall. Opacic couldn’t believe that she was chosen as a valedictory speaker for the undergraduates, but was grateful for the opportunity.

Anna Dihne said she was proud to represent the graduate programs at HPU. Dihne feels that she accomplished her goal here, and that all the stressing, struggling, sacrificing, and hard work paid off and was worth it. Dihne began her college experience in Veddinge, Sweden, and found that she was more motivated to excel at HPU due to the constant feedback and recognition she received from her teachers. Dihne studied at HPU for two years and earned her master’s degree in information systems. Dihne will take time off to spend with friends and family in Sweden, but will return to the U.S. to find a job on the east coast. With her interest in computers, she feels that she has good prospects of finding a job she enjoys.



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