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by Robin Hansson, online editor

De Nova is a mature work, which is surprising since only two of the band members can legally buy alcohol, by brothers Logan and Justin Baren, Andrew Langer, and Ben Greeno. All of the band’s members spent their early career in front of the mirror learning how to play British invasion pop circa 60s. Listening to The Redwalls, anyone can hear that the influences are still there of artists such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and other neo-British bands like Oasis.

Even though the band itself, and the record company Capitol, thought Universal Blues would be The Redwalls big breakthrough album, success never came. One explanation could be that the market was flooded with this type of retro music for more than two decades, starting with The Black Crowes.

One thing that needs to be said is that this album is not of badly written music. It does occasionally feel old and repetitive, but if you’re going to throw a party someday and want to be sure that your guests will be in the right mood, this is the record to get.


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