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Forwarded from the Web master at HPU

“We believe these schools uphold the standards of our ‘Best Western College’ distinction,” said Robert Franek, publisher and editorial director of The Princeton Review. He added that the guidebook “provides students with a wide breadth of excellent schools to consider. No school is best for all students. That’s why our book has 62 different ranking lists and campus feedback.”

HPU received a “Quality of Life Rating” of 92 on a scale of 60-99. The Princeton Review weighed several factors to determine this rating, including students’ assessment of: their overall happiness; the beauty, safety, and location of the campus; the comfort of dorms; the quality of food; the ease of getting around campus and dealing with administrators; the friendliness of fellow students; the interaction of different student types; and the quality of the school’s relationship with the local community.

In order to be listed in the book, colleges and universities needed to meet the publisher’s standards for academic excellence within their region, but student input played an important factor in the selections. Students were asked to rate their schools by academics, admission, financial aid, quality of life, and student body. The Princeton Review conducted a 70-question survey, asking 110,000 students at 361 colleges across the country to rate their schools and report on their campus experiences.

“Having Hawai‘i Pacific University listed as a ‘Best College’ validates our position as a nationwide leader in providing a rigorous and quality education to our students,” said HPU President Chatt G. Wright.




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