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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright


Similar teaching/learning centers are common in major research universities, which train teaching assistants. At HPU, we have no teaching assistants, but our TLC is a significant investment that supports continuing knowledge acquisition and skill development in our faculty.

Michael Dabney, a long-time instructor of biology at HPU, is the Center’s director. He and Sandra Meyer, the administrative coordinator, describe the TLC’s mission as “opening conversations about teaching and learning.”

The TLC creates ways in which faculty can learn from each other, and it prompts reflection, innovation, and enhancements to teaching practice. Faculty turn to the Center for private consultation about teaching and learning. Here they can utilize an ever-enlarging array of teaching resources in the Center’s library of books, periodicals, and videotapes.

Workshop offerings include HPU’s homegrown “Introduction to Successful Teaching,” an all-day session which immerses participants in a spectrum of varied teaching strategies and highlights the needs of contemporary college students.

Throughout the semester and the year, the Center provides a forum for faculty to share their scholarship, their research, or their teaching practices with colleagues, from their own and other departments. These Roundtable Presentations are reinforced with publication of a quarterly journal of faculty scholarship and pedagogy; faculty-run Book Discussion Clubs; and a teaching grants and awards programs.

TLC hosts other special events such as the twice-yearly Faculty Scholarship Day and New Faculty Orientation, and it also hosts guest faculty speakers from other universities.

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