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By Jeff Harada, assistant Athletic director


Team members and coaches, under the direction of first-year Head Coach Kelly Wells, have spent countless hours around the island lending a helping hand wherever necessary.

“ I think it’s important for our coaches and players to understand that there are others who could use some help every now and then,” said Wells.  “I want them to realize that they are fortunate and lucky to be where they are today.  This is just our way to hopefully make a difference in the lives of those who don’t have many opportunities, or for those who could use positive guidance or reinforcement from time to time.”

Among the activities the Sea Warriors have participated in were assisting with practices for the Special Olympics basketball team, the “Terminators.”  For the past three Saturdays, team members would help out with drills and offer pointers, preparing them for the upcoming Special Olympic Games.

Team members and staff were also active in raising more than $11,000 through the University for victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Monitoring the corners of King and Bishop Streets in downtown Honolulu, players interacted with passersby, encouraging them to donate anything they could spare to help out those in need. 

Currently, the team is assisting New Hope Fellowship, and legendary basketball coach Dennis Agena, with basketball camps on Saturdays at Kalakaua Recreation Center.  The camps are focused on the area youth, and teaching basketball skills, while teaching sportsmanship and a giving a Christian message in the process. 

Junior college transfer and first-year Sea Wariror Adam Snyder was very exctied about his experience helping out at the camp.  “It was awesome,” said the Rocklin, California native.  “The energy there was phenomenal, and we had just as much fun as the kids.” 


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