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by Jimmi Hemmenbach, staff writer


This season’s White team combines players from last season’s Green and White teams and includes one new player, Dalchung Kim, a Swedish midfielder from Stockholm.

The team has high expectations for this fall season, reinforced by Coach Scott Liedtke, who believes that the team is capable of winning all three competitions: the regular season, the play off championship, and the Robledo Cup.

However, their hope for an undefeated season was ended by the Bulls.

The teams seemed evenly match in the game’s opening quarter hour. Both teams tried to keep possession of the ball without either succeeding. After 15 minutes, Alf Kristian Amundsen gave Akihide Adachi a through ball. Adachi dribbled past the Bull’s goalie for a 1-0 score.

After the goal, HPU dominated play, forcing the Bull’s players to chase the ball. At halftime, Liedtke was only somewhat satisfied. “I think we kept possession of the ball pretty well,” he said. “The score could have been 2-0 or more, but we didn’t take advantage of our chances.”

The second half had a totally different face. HPU seemed satisfied with its lead, while the Bulls looked for the equalizer. It came 60 minutes into the game. Against a sleepy HPU defense, a Bull’s player managed to take the ball inside the HPU penalty box and past White team’s keeper Nicholas Neacsu.

Instead of taking the goal as an alarm bell and therefore working harder, the White team got anxious and insecure. Seventy-five minutes into the game, the Bulls took advantage of an HPU defensive mistake and scored the winning goal.

Liedtke expressed his disappointment after the game. “The Bulls kept the pressure up throughout the game. We didn’t,” he said. “The loss of Björn Lidman at the end of the first half hurt us,” he added.
“As a group, I don’t think they are where they should be [physically and tactically],” he said. “We have some work to do.”



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